To Wig or to Weave?

Darling Hair launched its wide range of the best quality hair products on the 7 May 2021. The products included South Africa’s favourite Empress Brazilian straight weave that is now available in closure, giving you the option to make it into a wig or choose to keep it as an extension (sewn weave). The hair debate on whether to wig or to weave has been on-going for years. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both having a wig or weave to make an informed decision on what to purchase.

Wig VS Weave:


A wig is a cap made of wefts of synthetic or human hair. Wigs are excellent for those with hair loss as a wig covers your entire head, ensuring you can go about your day with the confidence that any thinning or balding areas are hidden. A wig can be put on and removed daily, giving you the option to experiment with different styles, lengths, colours and wig cap constructions.


Extensions or hair weaves, add length and fullness to human hair. Hair extensions are usually clipped, glued, or sewn on natural hair by incorporating additional human or synthetic hair. With a weave, your natural hair is braided flat, and then wefts of human or synthetic hair are sewn onto your braided hair, alternatively glued in.

Advantages of a wig:

  • One of the great advantages of having a wig is that it completely covers your head and scalp. For people experiencing thinning, balding or complete hair loss, this a great choice.
  • Wigs come in a variety of styles, lengths and colours.
  • Human hair and synthetic wigs can be styled to any look you desire. If you’re worried about possible heat damage, look no further than Darling’s Empress collection – which has a human hair feel and can be re-stylable.
  • The maintenance of a wig is relatively non expensive. Darling offers a detangler spray in their Empress curls styles to help you keep those curl intact.
  • Wigs can be put on and taken off from the comfort of your home. Whether you choose to wear your wig daily or not, there’s a variety of methods for securing your wig, giving you peace of mind that it won’t slip.

Disadvantages of Wigs:

  • If a wig is not secure. It can slip if not properly fitted in.

Advantages of Weaves:

  • Once a weave is sewn in, it can last up to six weeks at most with proper care.
  • If a weave is sewn in well, you have peace of mind that the weave won’t move or slip.
  • You can treat a weave like it is your own hair with weekly washes and scalp treatment to avoid any build-up.

Disadvantages of Weaves:

  • If your hair is braided too tightly, this can be very uncomfortable and can cause headaches. If your cornrows are braided too tightly this will add scalp tension. Improper application (like braiding hair too tight) can lead to hair loss.
  • The weave and your braided hair will need washing weekly or every other week to overcome any build-up of dirt or oil.

Which one is best for you? Darling Head Stylists, Thomas Tsheola advises, “The decision on whether to choose a wig, a weave depends on your preferences and hair condition. Weaves and hair extensions give similar results when it comes to length, volume, longevity, and realistic look. We are ecstatic to unveil our new closure with our Empress Collection range to give woman all over South Africa options. ”

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