This Women’s Month Darling Hair Collaborates With MaXhosa Africa

As the leading Pan-African hair brand with a strong, trusted heritage and a deep understanding of African hair and culture. We would like to announce the Darling Hair X MaXhosa Africa brand collaboration.  

This Women’s Month, it is important to celebrate and salute the heroic women who are changing the world around them and empowering other women to do the same. It is an honour to collaborate with a brand that brings out its expertise and experience in such a beautiful way that makes every woman that fits on a MaXhosa Africa outfit feel empowered by who she is, where she comes from and what she can offer to the world.

The Darling Hair and Maxhosa Africa collaboration offers a national, continental and global opportunity to evoke and affirm the significant role of African women in the evolution of a strong Pan-African identity, with shared values, objectives and vision for the future, as well as women being key contributors towards achieving Africa’s inclusive growth and sustainable development agenda anchored in both MaXhosa Africa and Darling Hair values.  

“Our brand is based on love, culture, and generosity, so it was a no-brainer to partner with Darling Hair. Our shared values are at the core of what makes us authentic,” says PR and Marketing Manager of MaXhosa Africa, Pamela James.

 “As a brand we go beyond passion and strive to be every African woman’s ally, where we inspire and empower her to express herself through her hair in daily moments that make up her life journey. We strive to fuel the unstoppable spirit of an African Woman. We would like to thank MaXhosa Africa for collaborating with us,” says Darling Hair Brand Manager, Dipolelo Fungile. 

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