Darling Hair Donates Wigs And Hands Over R15 000 To The Breast Health Foundation

According to The National Cancer Registry (2016) breast cancer is the most common cancer in women of all races, with a lifetime risk of 1 in 25 in South Africa. Darling Hair partners with The Breast Health Foundation and Helen Joseph Breast Clinic in a mission to provide wigs, support and helping woman feel and kook great.

Darling Hair ran a breast cancer awareness campaign during breast cancer awareness month last year. During this time, they had a member from The Breast Health Foundation come and give a talk to staff members at the Darling Head Office in Roodepoort. The talk included various activities highlighting the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and on methods of prevention and early detection of breast cancer. The brand managed to have a successful Pink Braid drive from their Yaki and One Million Braid range, in which a percentage of the proceeds has now been handed over to the Breast Health Foundation.

It is known that cancer and its treatment can weaken the body’s immune system, because it affects the blood cells that protect one’s body against disease and germs. Cancer patients often undergo chemotherapy. Hair loss can occur when chemotherapy drugs travel throughout the body to kill cancer cells and some of these drugs damage hair follicles, causing the hair to fall out. Hair loss is a common side-effect of chemotherapy treatment. Patients affected by the disease often have significant emotional impact such as damaged body confidence, anxiety and depression.

“Going through breast cancer is one of the most challenging things in the world, which is why we feel passionate about helping women and making their lives a little easier. It has been an honour to partner with The Breast Health Foundation and Helen Joseph Breast Clinic to restore self-esteem and confidence in women and allowing them to live their best lives,” says Brand Manager, Dipolelo Fungile.

Setting the tone for 2021 it’s important for women to be empowered with knowledge regarding lowering their cancer and health risk and recognising warning signs. Darling Hair encourages annual medical check-ups and cancer screening for early detection, as symptoms don’t always present until cancer has spread. Women need to lead a balanced lifestyle, cutting out lifestyle factors that increase their cancer risk.

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